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"DIY LK" Showcase


Presented by Sizeable Bear Promotions

Sizeable Bear presents DIY LK, a Limerick city-based independent music collective helping to grow what is arguably Ireland’s healthiest and most vibrant music scene.  Tonight is a four-act Belfast celebration of what they’ve achieved.  Artists include Hey Rusty - the moniker for West Limerick 12-string indie-folk act John Ahern. Also, the raucous post-punk trio His Father’s Voice, who have been making waves since releasing their EP, Context and Perspective. Emo/post-rock trio Casavettes are the evening’s penultimate act, playing undoubtedly from their brilliant debut album Senselessness, released this year.  And finishing the night is noise-rock outfit Cruiser, who have been performing regularly across Ireland since the 2017 release of their stellar debut self-titled album.