Fiddle Making Course with Rab Cherry

6.30 pm – 9 pm
15 week Course
£45 / Concession £30

Belfast born Rab has been making instruments for more than forty years and is recognized not only as one of Ireland’s greatest craftsmen but as an authority of all things to do with Irish fiddle music.

Participants will learn, woodworking skills, how to use planes, scrapers, knives, chisels and gouges. Also how to maintain and sharpen these tools, how to prepare and use traditional woodworking glue (hide glue), how to clamp up the various parts of the box fiddle while gluing, making some clamping blocks etc.

A basic understanding of the function and manufacture of the various parts of a box fiddle will also give an insight into the workings and manufacture of instruments of the violin family.

Best of all, everyone will get to make and take away their very on instrument.

February 6