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"The sound may be traditional, but the attitude is completely modern, mixing up the ideas of folk, the virtuosity of prog, and the humor of the insane asylum into a Cuisinart of acoustic bliss." - Wired

They love so much in Bloomington, Indiana, that they've named a street after them.

The Swedish trio's music is a force of nature, both delicate and intensely energetic; it is the perfect marriage of three instrumental “voices", the nyckelharpa, the viola and an alternatively-tuned 12-string guitar.

Olov Johansson's nyckelharpa is central to the group. Unique to Sweden, its combination of fiddle-style bowing, keys and strings, produces a singing sound like no other instrument. Johansson and violist Mikael Marin met as teenagers in 1980 and quickly began to develop a musical kinship. When they met guitarist Roger Tallroth in 1989, they found their ideal rhythmical partner, creating music that was rooted in tradition, yet remarkably new.

The rest is history (and geography) as the trio have spent 25 years touring worldwide, winning fans wherever they go. Put simply, Väsen make damned catchy tunes. Brilliant musicianship, fleet-fingered invention, and constant surprise, the Nordic trio are an absolute pleasure to witness.


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