David Munnelly Trio

Doors 7.30 pm

David Munnelly is one of the most in uential Irish accordion players of his generation: having played with De Dannan and the Chieftains. David works on a wide variety of projects, ranging from the multi-award winning pan-European accordion ve-piece Samurai, duo McGowan/Munnelly, to the high-energy trad band Mórga.

Guitarist Shane McGowan (Guitar) comes from Lavagh in southern Sligo. His father Harry is a well-known musician and was a big in uence on him teaching him whistle and ute. Shane joined Dave and the band in June 2010.

Joseph McNulty is an accomplished ddle and bodhran player. By the age of 14 he had won 5 all-Ireland titles and 4 world titles. Most recently Joseph has toured with Ragús in Europe and has spent time working in the National Folk Theatre of Ireland. 

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