Jack O'Rourke Band

Doors 8 pm

The lone figure of Jack O’Rourke seated at a piano is one that Irish gig goers are becoming more accustomed to seeing. 

Whether performing startlingly honest ballads solo or driving Spectorish rock with his band, Jack’s plaintive baritone and piano is core. Jack has established himself as one of the most prolific Irish songwriters and powerful live performers in the last few years. 

Having ended 2015 on a high note performing his moving composition

‘Silence’ on The Late Late Show, Jack eased his way into the New Year with the release of the stunning ‘I’ll Forget You In The Morning’ which was swiftly play listed by both local and national radio stations.

Jack took the coveted 1st place in the lyrics category of the International Songwriting Competition, which was judged by Bill Withers and Tom Waits among many others.

His songs speak of various human conditions with melodic flair, through young but wise eyes. There already have been flattering comparisons with the likes of David Bowie, Kate Bush & John Grant, but Jack’s unique voice and songwriting flair shine throughout in a sea of eclectic influences.

‘Dream Catcher’ is set for release on September 29th, featuring edgy baroque pop, plaintive ballads and startingly honest refelctions on the world around him. 

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