The Broighter Boat by Raymond Watson

Exhibition - The Broighter Boat by Raymond Watson

Tue 4th August to Fri. 28th Aug2015 at

Launch event Thur 6th August 7.00pm

This exhibition features important new works exploring the mysterious of the Broighter Boat and Gold Hoard - themes of spirituality, time dimensions, and journeys; presented through sculpture, painting and installation.  

The Broighter Boat and Gold Hoard are one of Ireland’s national treasures; the treasure was discovered by a ploughman Tom Nicholl in 1896, as he worked in a field outside Limivady.

The purpose of the small golden Boat and how it came to be in the field is still a mystery.

The National Museum of Ireland believes that the Boat may have been a spiritual votive offering, probably to Manannan Mac Lir, Irish God of the Sea.   According to Irish mythology Manannan resides in Lough Foyle.

The current exhibition of bronze and wood sculptures, paintings and installation work explore many themes especially the idea that boats are a means of transportation to other worlds and dimensions. One important piece on display is large scale bog oak sculpture based on Manannan’s mythical boat known as ‘The Wave Sweeper’, that is said to follow the commands of his thoughts. 

Raymond Watson said, ‘It is fantastic to have the opportunity to explore themes and artefacts of the Broighter story and its mythology.  The more you delve into this story the more intriguing it becomes.  Besides the visual art for this exhibition I have also collaborated on the composition of a unique and beautiful soundtrack celebrating the discovery of the Broighter Boat, performed by Jenny and Paul, singer songwriters from New Zealand.’

Raymond Watson is a County Antrim based artist who produces installation, painting and sculpture, he has worked extensively across Ireland and in many international venues.