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Super Sunday Big Breakfast Session

10.30pm - 1.30pm

Free Admission - All Welcome

We know our Super Sunday Sessions are one of the best arts and community experiences on Belfast’s cultural calendar. But do you know why? You - it’s seriously that simple. You. All the people who come here to relax, listening to live music by some of the greatest talents from home and abroad. People sharing their time with friends and family over a decent coffee. Grabbing the chance to catch up or strike up conversation with someone they’ve never met before. The adults who are game to try the arts and crafts. The families who get their kids out of the house and expose them to the arts, to music, to crafts, to connecting with others face to face, not online. The vinyl snobs judging our in-house DJ Paddy Cash. The news junkies with their heads in the free Sunday papers. The odd morning-after headache getting sorted with a good soda in Café Krem. People on their own to hear the band. Teenagers meeting up. You know what we’ve got here don’t you? Community. You’ve made The Duncairn into a community hub, and when you join us here at our Super Sundays , that sense of community is bouncing off the walls of this lovely old building. And it’s all down to you. Thanks!