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Lonesome George

Doors 8pm, Show 8.15pm

Tickets £8.50

Ticket & CD Bundle £15



Lonesome George – “Flat As The Earth” Album Launch and Concert


Here at The Duncairn, we love nothing better than supporting local artists and celebrating their creativity. So it is an absolute pleasure for us to host these lads for their debut album launch.

Lonesome George are making waves in Belfast, Ireland, and beyond with an infectious blend of traditional tunes and modern day protest songs. The tunes are undeniably uplifting, 

despite potent subject matter ranging from environmental disaster, the current refugee crisis and the inhumanity of modern life. 

Their style and instrumentation is informed by the Belfast traditional scene, in which all of the members take an active part. Inspired by the traditional music of their city and their island, they take influence from their own substantial cultural heritage, but also all walks of life; and this is evident in the rich, organic and beautiful music they make.